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Splitting Digital Video
The Strange World of Cat 5e and Cat 6

"ETS makes the best products available, period."
JB (Broadcast Engineer from San Francisco radio group)

The insta-snake™ is a tremendous time saver for me. My set up and tear down time was cut in half. I simply set up my mics on stage and then my recorder behind the audience. Now I only have 1 (Yes 1) Ethercon line to run from the back of the hall to the stage!
A. I.

I always appreciate honest recommendations which equipment I need to improve my workflow. Thank you ETS!
V. G.

The ETS PA211 never fails me. I've used them in stadiums (through some very bogus MDFs) large restaurants and municipal facilities. They never let me down!.
S. E., in Ohio

In working with the team at ETS for a custom sound system install (for a swim club located in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA), ETS has gone above and beyond in working to provide us the correct/recommended products and needed technical support along the way to ensure the best possible result for our company and the client’s technical needs. ETS has proven to be an excellent resource in both their products available to us for our sound installs, and have provided fantastic technical advice throughout or project install. I highly endorse their products and support staff at ETS!

John M Wolk, President
JMW Entertainment Group, LLC
Garnet Valley, PA

Shannon Slaton on What's Trending Magazine

Shannon Slaton & Marine Guequiere use our SDS Theatre Products for West End and Broadway super-musical: Click here to read Orbital Sound's review...

Watson Wu Essential Guide to Recording

Hi Joe,
I bought the PA202F and M and really like them. Easy Peasy to hook up and use. I wish I had known about them prior to wiring and soldering Xlr wall plates. Live and learn. I'm sticking with these!


Hi Joe,
Pleasure speaking with you as well.
I have used the InstaSnake units for several years for Corporate AV events and have never had any trouble with continuity or ground hums, even when running the CAT 5/6 cable along side power cables and other signal carrying cables. The sound is always clean and clear no matter how long the connecting CAT 5/6 cable is. The compact size and lightweight cabling makes them ideal for shipping as well.

Steve R.
Orlando, FL

ETS InstaSnakes™ in Action Recently, at a meeting of The National Council of Jewish Women in Sacramento that included readings by nationally-known playwrights, Coral Canopy employed Energy Transformation Systems ( brand InstaSnakes™ for our main speaker run. The installation, which was similar in style to the TED Bay Area event held in December, 2014, we ran one CAT5 snake from FOH to Stage Right by incorporating one PA202F at FOH and one PA206 at SR. We then took the splitter output of the PA206 and ran another CAT5 from Stage Right to an additional PA206 located Stage Left.   Click here to read more from Coral Canopy - Alan Chang...

I really liked the build quality and "ease-of-use" factors the ETS InstaSnakes provided. They provided a great clean signal which allowed me to temporarily expand my system to the hard-to-reach areas of our facility. These seamlessly integrated into our existing system and proved easy to use for any of the students I work with in our performing arts center (LaSells Stewart Center). Also, Joe Rosenberger of ETS is a genuine pleasure to work with as he wants to ensure you are successful with your project!

James DeDominic
Oregon State University

Using the ETS InstaSnake™ by Watson Wu
planet5D BLOG

We recently added a newsroom set to our flagship live nightly program. Although the new set was within the same building, it was two floors away and on the other side of our plant from our PCR (more than a 450 foot cable run). ETS provided the perfect solution to this new production requirement. Four channels of audio over standard CAT-5 cable with no loss in sonic quality, no delay, and no power supplies to deal with on either end. Thanks to the great folks at ETS for bringing this unique product to market!

Tom Spencer
Audio Director, Georgia Public Broadcasting

Let me just start off by saying your product is a lifesaver.

We had 2 buildings separated by 524' and we were using a Breezcom wireless .11 network to connect the two buildings together.

These products were starting to show their age and until recently were doing decently at 3Mb connection speeds.

However, over the past week and a half, we were experiencing some very strange anomalies and traced it backed to the wireless setup.

Fortunately, we looked into having security cameras installed at this building and ran RG59 cable between the 2 buildings.

Great for TV/Camera setups. Bad for PCs. Now, with your product, we were able to bring the other building back up into network operation,

AND we are sustaining around 40Mb (40% of 100base-T) Ethernet capability! More than 13x our previous speeds!

Thank you again Michele and I will recommend your product(s) in the future.

Jason Wampler
Information Systems Manager
Opportunity Enterprises Inc.
Valparaiso, Indiana 46383

We are a small school in rural Arkansas. Recently, we needed a better way to transport a video signal for a distance of about 850 feet. We had tried S-Video with the boosters etc. and whereas they worked, the end product was not as good as anticipated.

I was skeptical to try the balun because the supplier had not sold many and had no one to refer me to about how well/not well it worked. Before I ordered it I got the number of the manufacturer and called ETS directly. They assured me that I would be amazed at the quality. I wasn't amazed... I was flabbergasted! This product was everything and more than they said it was and for a very reasonable price.

John M. Crain,
Technical Coordinator,
Caddo Hills School District

Audio Visual Systems Supervisor
Clark County Courts Information Systems

The unit as you sent it did in fact provide the pool video feed for the OJ Simpson hearing to the national TV media, with full broadcast quality.

Recently, one of our OEMs asked, "What do you think of our competitor from Canada?"

Guardedly, I replied "They make a good product."

"They call me all the time and have lower prices!" Now I was worried!

"I bought some and tested them against ETS!" Now I was very worried.

"They just do not compare, ETS has a far superior product". What sweet relief!

ETS VP of Sales

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